After Installing UBUNTU

Posted by ANAND on November 22, 2008


After much consideration, you have decided to switch to Ubuntu as your primary operating system.You download the Ubuntu Live CD iso, burn into CD, boot it up and do a live install. When you finally boot into the new OS, start to use the browser and find that you can’t watch video on Youtube, or when you wanted to listen to mp3 and find that the format is not supportable, you start to wonder if you have make the right choice in switching to Ubuntu.

While Ubuntu comes with a set of applications that you can use immediately, due to licensing issue, some of the popular software/file format/plugins are not included in the installation by default. Luckily, there are tons of support and free software that you can install to enhance your user experience. Here is a list of software that you need to install after installing Ubuntu.

1.Fire starter

2.Restricted codec and plugin

3.VLC media player


5.Adobe flash player



If all this done means your computer is ready to expeience your new os. If you want to know more about this please leave a message….


5 Responses to “After Installing UBUNTU”

  1. cyks said

    I found your blog with twingly screensaver and I was already thinking about building a new PC with ubuntu. I look forward to more.

  2. Gowtham said

    Yup! One need to install all those software needed. But he best part it ubuntu will search for all the required packages by itself and let you know.

  3. my sister was using this system..looks really cool..but..i dont like it as it quite complicated for me..

  4. ANAND said


  5. ubuntu each one of the best
    Tutos Linux

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