Men Fear Women?

Posted by ANAND on November 22, 2008

MEN FEAR WOMENI’m willing to bet that there has been a time
in every man’s life where he has been afraid
to approach someone he’s found
attractive. And because this is such a
prevalent phenomenon, many men have
come to the conclusion that approaching
women is hard, stressful, and at worst,
down right scary.And when asked, they will almost
always respond “I’m afraid of failure,” or
“I’m afraid of rejection.” But no matter how
they respond, they will always blame it on
one thing: being afraid.
So where does this fear come from?
First of all, I’d argue that it is not always
fear that hinders men from approaching
women. Rather, I’d say its laziness. Sir Isaac
New0ton had a theory, and that theory went
something like this:
“Objects in motion stay in motion. Objects
at rest, stay at rest.”
When you’re not approaching someone with
the intent of befriending them or picking
them up, even when you WANT to, you are
in a state of “rest.” This is a state where
you’ve established what I like to call a
“comfort zone.” This is a place where you
feel safe. Secure. Comfortable. In this zone,
you know what to expect, and therefore
don’t have to worry about feeling
afraid. And more often than not, you won’t
want to leave your comfort zone, because
approaching someone introduces the

prospect of uncertainty into your life.Is that i am correct or not?


One Response to “Men Fear Women?”

  1. it’s kind of correct least at one side..for me..i am afraid of being approached by a guy..afraid of so called relationship..haha..

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