Farewell Day..Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2004-2008)

Posted by ANAND on November 27, 2008

my-last-dayFarewell is a day of mixed feeling and emotions associated with the people who are departing from you.I too had that day with a grudge.Well,i did my Electrical and Electronics Engineering in MNMJEC.While studying i never thinked about farewell day,job,life, nothing….I always remained a cool person till when a day like Farewell came.

My farewell party was arranged in a five star hotel around 5 in the evening.I don’t remember the hotel name,but it was a nice one.While going inside we were really happy,we had lots of fun in the hotel.Basically i am a good dancer so my friends insisted me to dance on the floor,but i was not in a mood to dance.So i quitted dancing .After the party we had our dinner,really lots of varities of dishes.what to say? Heaven in front of us.After having that my friends took their last group photographs, sharing the slam books, saying “don’t know when we will meet again”.At that moment i felt like why can’t we get all the people together in the world that we really like and then just stay together? I guess that would not work.

What i thought in the last moment was ,we only part to meet again.Eventhough  my college life is got over i used to talk to my friends daily in phone.So no worries….Friends , if you are missing your college or  your friends like me please share your experiences …just leave a message about your college or about  your friends yaar and one more thing the world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning….takecare friends bye .


10 Responses to “Farewell Day..Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2004-2008)”

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  2. Jard said

    u just graduate?? well hope u wont lose contacts with your colleagues.. =p

  3. ANAND said

    ya just graduated

  4. monica said

    hi, liked you already. thanks for the comment by the way. 🙂

  5. monica said

    i meant linked* you already, sorry for the typo..

  6. ANAND said

    Thank you

  7. Tita Beng said

    Farewell? Does that mean you have graduated from college? Congrats!

    Thank you for your visits and comments.

  8. nadine said

    Well….goodbye doesn’t mean forever. i had organized quite a number of successful reunions for my school mates and university’s colleague after we graduated and glad that the friendship remains till now.

  9. ANAND said

    you are always right no doubt in that…

  10. rosilie said

    Saying goodbye and parting is really difficult. But, we have to look forward to what can still come for us in the future. Best wishes my friend and thanks for coming back to my site.

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