Girls vs Robert Pattinson (TWILIGHT)

Posted by ANAND on November 29, 2008


Shadows revealed on November 21,Well TWILIGHT movie hitted  Big screen with a Bang of young girls.Our hero Robert Pattison who have picked beautiful hearts from this romantic film.Robert Pattison have already hitted the big screen with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,But this time he proved himself in TWILIGHT.The baseline of the story is a teenage girl risks everything when she falls in love with a vampire.The trailer itself speaks ,what kind of film that is?.I am up to watch this film.TWILIGHT is based upon a novel.The novel is based upon Romance and thriller,i am expecting the same from the film.When i talk about Kristen Stewart,OMG!! 😆 i think she is the perfect one.Her beauty makes boys to faint.Obviously,i saw many of my Blog friends ,especially girls who were crazy about Robert Pattison.Thats quite natural,he too looks good in this film no doubt in that.So friends,if you have watched or up to watch TWILIGHT,just leave a message about your thoughts about this film.If you want to know more about TWILIGHT click(HERE).ok Bye friends 😆


19 Responses to “Girls vs Robert Pattinson (TWILIGHT)”

  1. tkuk said

    hey! thanx for putting my name in ur bloroll. i’ve put urs too

  2. nadine said

    sounds nice…shld get the dvd i guess.ya…the hero he looks good and the girl is pretty too.

  3. Thank you for add in my blogs into your blog list. I hope we can share a story, anyway for your info i had visited India twice. I had visited Dehli and salem. Nice country with full of life and colour. The most thing i miss about India, auto, train and Ambassador India Taxi.

  4. ANAND said

    Great ….i am living near to salem.

  5. Wow!
    I guess that I must watch it too..
    One of my friends said that it’s a great movie..

  6. hiya prakash^^
    btw ty for dropping by at my bloggies>.<
    just dropping by to say hi^o^

  7. Jard said

    my fren watched this movie and she became obsessed with it! hehe.. i guess i’mm be watching it soon!

  8. iamBELLE said

    hey prakash.
    yup, im gonna watch this film soon. thx 4 d info =D

  9. ANAND said

    Thats ok my dear friend

  10. Hmmnn, I see…

    I see that you like vampire movies ehh? Like blood sucking thing? (lol—)

    Anyway, thanks for the add…i will include u to my BLOGWorld Frendzz…

    See yah!Take care!

  11. myjaehee said

    thnks for add me.
    nice knowing u.
    i’ve link u (^_^)

  12. sweetytots said

    thanks for visiting my site…Please visit my other entries about Ocean Adventure and her bestfriends Gwen. And if you want to win a very cute Bear Dress Up toy for your kids, join here. And a picturen of little J with her crush.

  13. rosilie said

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!!!! I love the movie. I am no romantic though, but it indeed gave my romantic bone a chill. I can remarry if its Pattison or my other lost love.hahhahahahah!

  14. Estella said

    What’s with the Twilight? I never watch it yet and I should…

  15. Amy said

    oh…i like this movie… hahahaah kinda nice… heheheh

  16. is twilight the best movie? my friends going crazy to see the hero. and makes me eager to see also. hehe.. wish to watch that movie soon..

  17. ctNadya said

    Twilight!!! i love twilight… well.. if u wanna know wht i feel bout this movie… u might want to visit my blog… btw… the girls are not crazy to Robert Pattinson i guess… well.. at least for me.. he’s not tht hawt actually… but its Edward Cullen.. he is the one who make the girl going crazyy.. i fell in love with the vampire.. ahahaha

  18. ANAND said

    oh might be…but i loved kristern a very much cuty…

  19. troisnyx* said

    I don’t mind Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart’s in-film looks, but I seriously feel that the deep blue cast over all the characters gave me a terrible headache. That really isn’t our idea of Twilight, is it ? unless of course, they meant it to be a sinister film.

    No, it seriously didn’t hit the mark for me. Even the book was way better.

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