My Cousin’s Daughter

Posted by ANAND on December 8, 2008


This is my Cute Lovely Angel,her name is Samyuktha.She is my cousin’s Daughter.


20 Responses to “My Cousin’s Daughter”

  1. kisses for her….and for her uncle too…lol

  2. goasop said

    she’s ssssssoooooo cute!

  3. farhana said

    nice name. i never heard that name before this.
    btw, my cats just pass away this morning. huhu. no more sleepy boy i guess.

  4. Oh my,, she’s such a cutee—

    with that little thing on her forehead!

  5. Estella said

    awww..she is a cutie…

  6. ANAND said

    In india we used to keep that black coloured little thing on the forehead and cheeks of all the babies.

  7. hahaha…so cute she’s making her face like that…chubbyyy!!! hehe

  8. so…cute..

  9. Bridge said

    Yeah, I couldn’t agree more. She’s cute. By the way, you don’t have a chatbox here. Sorry for the late response to all of your messages.. I’ve been busy shopping, haha! Now my pocket is empty.. gotta save now! How have you been?

  10. One Other said

    Samyuktha? nice name for a nice little baby girl. does that name mean anything?

  11. ANAND said

    It means victory

  12. luthtextile said

    a cute indian girl u have..
    are you from great india or u’re local malaysian inda?

  13. ANAND said

    I am from India DUDE

  14. Jhoice said

    AdobRable baby πŸ˜‰

  15. Ailecgee said

    Cute Baby! Just dropping by to see how you’ve been. Looks like you’re doing great! Take care my friend!

  16. haslina said

    cute and adorable baby…

  17. anand did you change your link?how can i add you back?be my follower and i will add your link later on because i have no idea how to add you.only by that way i can trace your new link (sorry i am not a computer whiz)

  18. monica said

    cute! Her eyes are pretty πŸ™‚

  19. Neddy said

    sooo cute…hehe..

  20. ghazal said

    gandi churel..

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