Shahrukh Khan In Malaysia

Posted by ANAND on December 11, 2008




The long awaited, and much discussed, Malaysian honour was finally given to mega star Shah Rukh Khan over the weekend.

The Datuk, which is the equivalent of a British Knighthood, was given to King Khan by the governor of Malaysia’s southern Malacca state at a lavish ceremony on Saturday. Shah Rukh Khan is the only Indian actor ever to be given this award. The ceremony involved the tying of a piece of cloth around Shah Rukh’s waist.

Numerous fans and a large contingent of media persons were in attendance of the event where a further 76 people were also honoured in similar fashion. From now on Shah Rukh can be referred as Datuk Shah Rukh Khan of Malaysia.

The reason behind Shah Rukh’s honour was the boost in tourism due to his films being shot in the country.


43 Responses to “Shahrukh Khan In Malaysia”

  1. i love shah rukh khan!!!!!!

  2. goasop said

    congratulation to him! =)

  3. haslina said

    erm..melaka is quite far from my place, kuala lumpur. congratulation to him because he is popular in malaysia too.

  4. Estella said

    cool..congratulations to him..

  5. farhana said

    congrats to him.

    *im asking how to take care of someone who in sadness. how to make her happy. to console her. maybe u’ve some tips?

  6. i love shah rukh khan. i love his acting. but i still dunno why malacca government give “datuk” for him? erm..

  7. have a good day Prakash and you are so nice for always remember me

  8. AzriAzyan said

    hye..i have already link your site. Thanks because u always visited my blog..have a nice day friend.. ^_^

  9. myjaehee said

    he look so handsome in that clothes (baju melayu) ;p

  10. Nurhidayah said

    he looks handsome in bj melayu rite?;p

  11. gurleen said

    shahrukh i love u so much and u know that i am waiting for u mfor my whole life.
    i would request u to plz contact if u find this.thanku

  12. akhil said

    shahrukh khan is the most fablous actor & i like him very much

  13. prasad said

    shah rocks

  14. HODA said

    hiiiiiiiii king srk khan… iam from iran and i see ur last and nice film: rabnebanadi jodi that was a great movi i very love u and iwish to u have a beutifull life … i have a colecthion of ur film”s love u …miss and kiss u 2. !!!!!!!!!

  15. HODA said

    love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  16. salam sharukh khan im haris main fan hoon app ka buhat bara

  17. Today our beloved Star deteneds in Amerca on Airport for 2 hours like ordinary culprit. We protes agaist it
    Sham Amrica

  18. robil said

    I am a great fan of shahrukh khan.shahrukh you are a exellant actor in world.

  19. akram said

    look me at at orkut u wil b my fan

  20. shahrukh oreis heart of the world i love king khan parfect man

  21. $oN!@.... :) said

    hi …. m sonia
    i luv SHAHRUKH JAAN ALOOOOOOOOOOOT i wish that i could see him in front of me once in my lyf….i lu him aloooot in i can wait 4 SHAHRUKH my whole lyf ……. mmuuuuaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… 🙂
    wana kiss u shahrukh

  22. Divya Dinakar said

    Hiiieeee my baby shahrukh…Iam a gr8 fan of urs frm childhood. You r THE BEST actor…even Amithabh can’t beat u. You r simply fabulous. I love u sooooo much. I will surely come to mumbai to see u once b4 i die to fulfill my wish.

    Yours Lovingly,
    Divya Dinakar

  23. priti said

    hi this is priti,
    i think no one is grt fan than me love u shahrukh, god bless u!

  24. Amir said

    Shah Rukh is on Twitter only to promote his film My Name is Khan. He told me he doesn’t care about anyone or anything else! Fact.

  25. rehan.shahrukh said

    hi “Shahrukh” i am your big fan of the world if you undurstand and are my sweet friend and brother.
    i live in pakistan but i love you so much because you are my feavrate and best hero of the all film industries.i realy love you and always miss you.i want to meet name is Rehan but my friends and other peoples know me and calling me the fan of “Shahrukh”
    plz plz plz plz plz plz “Shahrukh”i want meet you
    i love you

    your fan
    the fan of “Shahrukh”

  26. amira tunisia said

    i love shahruk khen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so much!!!!!!

  27. noor khan said

    sharokh khan kiya hal he,tom sanji dad ke sat hamra patan logko aslehe ke sat madad matkaro,mera nam khan he,vahi khan jo sara dunya ka market hamra niche nazar me he,,,tom madad karega sanji dad ke sat ham apka merket mumbai sen sex ko madad karunga,,,apka dost farid khan patan or anti decadent noor khan 84 q

  28. susan grey said

    hi shahrukh te adoro,eres mi vida ,te amo tanto,kisiera konocerte en persona,te deseo lo mejor ,kdt tkm bye

  29. khairunnisa said

    i luv shah rukh khan vry much from i’am 4 years old until know.. ihave many vcd act of SRK like DON,Mohabbatein,Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham,Josh n how much…i luv srk u are my idol

  30. shivangi said

    shahrukh is looking great he is awesome

  31. sneha said

    whooooa!!!! shahrukh i juss lllooooooooooovvvveeeeeeeee u……….ur dimple is awsum,im 14 yrs but still wan to ask u…………..will u marry me????………..hehehe…nywys im just waiting 4 the day il meet u….

  32. mariam said

    i loveeee uuuuuu alot more dan any thing in da world nd always will plzzzzzzzz mujh se mil lo congratulationzz!!!!!!!!

  33. mariam said


  34. rajesh dhakad said

    I love king khan. he is realy good actor and my name is rajesh.hiiiiiiiiiii

  35. Aman khan said

    U r outstanding. Trimendus acting tallent. Go ahead & god bless u. U knw i replace my quadri title & kept khan being inspired by u.

  36. ashutosh said

    hyi u r so cool man .u r in pprize na okayyyyyyy carryyyyy onnnnnnnn

  37. ashutosh said

    hyi u r so cool in prize na okayyyyyyy carry onnn ..byeeeeeee

  38. ashutosh said

    okayyyy byeeeeeeeee

  39. ghazal said

    hey shahrukh bhai..youuu are nice..

  40. nayla said

    hi shahrukh khan i love u so much and i love ur film ‘my name is khan’ i hpe i could meet u 1nce in my lyf.

  41. ajay said

    i am big fan of you shahrukhkhan bhi iss id per contect zoror karna
    mein ak din ap ki tarah bano ga i live in pakistan ok.

  42. waqas ali said

    i hate indians go to hell

  43. biggun said

    hi srk… u r ok 4 me.. but i desperetly like the success uve gained… what is a secrete behind ur success… releaved to me plz…

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