Iam ill

Posted by ANAND on December 18, 2008

sad_faceHoyeah guys i am really sorry for not having touch with you these days.well i am not in good health.My body is occupied by fever,cough,cold,headache……it goes on like this.I hope you will understand my situation and give me the same support and same love to me as before.I think i will recover very soon so now just for a change i am  going to my native Madurai for a week.So friends for a week i cant able to contact you and i will also write only after when i get fully  recovered.Till then Bye friends takecare.


13 Responses to “Iam ill”

  1. thespiraleyes said

    get well soon anand

  2. goasop said

    hope you are feeling better. we are all waiting for you. get well soon my friend.

  3. zuris said

    owhh…hope u’ll get well soon yar 🙂

  4. One Other said

    Hope you get well soon! Cheer up!

  5. Neddy said

    Hope u’ll get well soon my dear friend…take a good care..

  6. miellza said

    get well soon…

  7. bro, keep on bloging..
    take care yah…

    always get a enough sleep and rest..
    dont forget to take some medicine..

  8. Hey–pamper urself with hot or chicken soup! Get well and be well!

  9. cdason said

    Get well soon!!

  10. AzriAzyan said

    hey..i hope u’ll get well soon..
    hope to see u soon okay!

  11. Estella said

    awww..I hope you will feel better soon..drink lots of liquid:)…

  12. Jard said

    still sick?? hope u get well soon

  13. amibest said

    get well soon fren..

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