Iam Back To Form

Posted by ANAND on January 3, 2009


Yeeeepy……..Everyone i am back after 2 weeks with a Bang 😆 .Might be your prayers would have worked in my recovery from bed.I thank all my friends who wished for my quick recovery.I really really missed you all these days no doubt in that.sorry friends for not having touch for a long time.Anyways belated New Year wishes to all my lovely friends and  now Let’s get it started…..


27 Responses to “Iam Back To Form”

  1. Umma said

    hello friend.. Glad to know that you are feeling well now. Happy New Year to you, may the new year will bring more
    blessings and good health to you and your family.

    I already added your site to my blog list, thanks for adding me up

    So Happy 牛 (New) Year to you!

    ╭┴──┤Happy ├╮
    │o o│牛year │●°
    ╰┬──╯    │ ∴°﹒
    ☆ | / /∴☆

    pls visit my other site too:

  2. farhana said

    hey. yeah, its been a long time i didnt hear anything about u. btw, happy new year!

  3. ctNadya said

    dear friend… i’ve link u back… thanks for the add… btw HAPPY NEW YEAR… may this new year give a joy and pleasant to u…

  4. Donabel said

    Hello! Happy New Year to you! No, I did not delete your link, it’s in my blogroll. Just scroll down, it’s arranged alphabetically. 🙂 Hope you have a good 2009!

  5. liza said

    hi prakash! it’s nice to know that you are well now. thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. thanks also for the link. i have added you already. see you around 😀

  6. wahidah said

    hi prakash…good to hear dat u’re healthy again…:)

  7. putra bertam said

    welcome back to blogger world, Happy New YEAR to you.

  8. troisnyx* said

    thanks for leaving a comment on the shoutbox. I see you’re a friend of Zara’s ? 🙂

  9. troisnyx* said

    oh. by the way, I’ll be adding you to my YouthSays/YouthEcho grid so… you’ll see your picture thumbnail along with a link there – soon !

  10. troisnyx* said

    I’m from Malaysia. =)

  11. troisnyx* said

    Well. I dare to be different. 🙂
    Thing is, even if I’m Malaysian by nationality and Indian by descent, English is pretty much my first language. My parents and I (now my dad and I) speak English at home.

  12. welcome back bro

  13. Hi!!

    U already back!!

    I just came back last week..

    At last can blogging back!!

    Happy belated new year!!

  14. troisnyx* said

    that, I will do. 🙂
    you too, keep up the good work – and fine-tune the sentences, if you will.

  15. Neddy said

    Hi, happy new year…smile always yea..

  16. Madz said

    Hiya there, thanks for the visit… nice to meet you! I like your blog, care to x-links?

  17. AyanaAsham said

    thanks coz u have adding my blog link into ur blog…i am very appreciate that..

  18. Madz said

    Hiya there, added your blog unto my 3 blogs:

    Hope you’ll add back, thanks a lot…

  19. troisnyx* said

    hey. how’re you keeping ? I’ve got updates. 🙂

  20. annapple said

    hapy new year 2009..

  21. Happy new year

  22. eedany said

    Hi anand.

    TQ for dropping by my blog. I’ll link your blog too.

    Have a nice day…


  23. Dee said

    Hi Anand,

    Tq for dropping by my blog too. I’ll link yours too.

    Take care..

  24. kuina said

    hey there.. thanks 4 visitng my blog & leave a comnt.
    feel free come agian.

  25. haslina said

    happy new year anand…

  26. ummm hey!

    actually im not indian, im malaysian. born here, bred here.


  27. zeti said

    hello friend… i’ve link u back… thanks for the add & tq for dropping by my blog 🙂

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