Fake photos are used….

Posted by ANAND on January 30, 2009


Damn things happens every day,most of the people in this world try to fool others.In my research i found a new way of cheating getting spread all over the world, the way is MISUSING OTHERS PHOTOS in friendster,orkut,facebook etc in internet social network services… wise most of the boys nowadays are using young girls photos as their images in their profile to attract other girls to make them friends,this is a disgusting thing that is getting popular these days.The important thing why people are doing like this is the excitement of the possibility of finding the man of their dreams or the woman of their dreams makes them easier.
My one of my friend’s cousin also experienced this kind of horrible attitude in her life.You know something her photo is misused by some cheater in Friendster(Internet social network service).You can see the photo of her which is used by the cheater by clicking (here).But the original profile of my friend’s cousin can be viewed by clicking (here) .I beg you people please show your anxiety towards that fake profile.Who knows?Might this happen to me or to you also in the future.So please….go for it.Let’s stop this nuisance.Bye….


One Response to “Fake photos are used….”

  1. aie akaike said

    thanks for dropping by my blog.. I’ll be adding ur link.. btw, are u malaysian?

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