Most useful Plugins

Posted by ANAND on February 3, 2009

Add Meta Tags – Unfortunately, Word Press does not actuate automatically not put beacons META in your pages of messages for you. However, it is completely essential to have beacons META for the search engines and the beacons to be single for each station. To add metatags adds XHTML Description and Keywords beacons to your blog on first page like for each station, the static page, and the category of files. Download Add Meta Tags now.

SEO Title Tag – This module is similar to Optimal Title Optimal Titrates, goal has few extra features. , But has some additional functionality. This plug-in will change the order in which your blog name and the name of station is posted in the title. It is considered to be preferable for the search engines so that your name of single station of first follow-up by the name of your blog. It can also be used with Ultimate Tag Warrior to put the name of the beacon in the beacon of title for the pages. Download SEO Title Tag Télécharger SEO marks out of title

Similar Stations – a plug-in that posts a list of stations, which are similar or close at the current station. It is a good thing for the search engines, Google in particular, because the structure interns bond of your blog is very important when it is a question of obtaining higher Page Rank. The greatest number of pages, which are interdependent, more they will receive Page Rank and highest of these pages will be in the Google results of a search. Download Similar stations .

Google Sitemap Generator – One of my preferred plug-in up to now! It is painless to install and generates year XML compliant sitemap for you and automatically updates In addition, it generates has sitemap not only posts, goal also static pages, and categories files pages. In addition, it generates a plan of the site, not only the static stations, but pages, the categories and the pages of files It gives also a priority for each station based on the number of comments. Download Google Sitemap .

No Index Feed – small a plug-in which prevents Google and Yahoo to index your Word Press to feed by adding a beacon META to nourish them. You edge also uses has robots.txt spins to C this, goal this plug-in edge take care off it for you easily. You Download No index to nourish.


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