Windows 7

Posted by ANAND on February 3, 2009


Microsoft updated the Windows 7 Pre-release (M3) Privacy Supplement today and it revealed several awe some features of Windows 7 that have been covered over at the Windows 7 blog. Here is a short note of what new features have been mentioned in the privacy supplement.

Driver Protection checks a database that is maintained locally for drivers that are known to be problematic. It can be updated via Windows Update and a new feature called Dynamic Update which essentially updates Windows 7 during installation if an Internet connection is available. Windows 7 might prevent those drivers from being loaded which is a somewhat scary sentence if there is no way to overrule the decision.

Internet Printing and the Online Print Ordering Wizard are two new print services. The first makes it possible to send print jobs to computers over the Internet using the http protocol while the second is supposed to make it easier to send digital photos to online print stores to order prints of them.

Homegroup was one of the first new features that came to light. It can connect Windows 7 computers in a home network so that they can share files and devices.

People Near Me is a service that is not explained in great detail. It basically allows a user to invite another user to join a program if the program is also installed on the other user’s computer and if the two computers are connected in a local network. There is no definition of programs. It could be entertainment related but also about communication or something completely different.

The last feature might cause lots of controversy. Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Services is an implementation of Trusted Computing which has caused privacy concerns.

The same document mentions Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows 7 Ultimate which seems to suggest that Microsoft will release a similar amount of Windows 7 editions.


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    its damn awesome u friend already installed it in his PC.

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