Vikram’s Kandasamy

Posted by ANAND on February 6, 2009


Tamil film Kandasamy is under production. Chiyaan Vikram and Shriya playing the lead roles. As per sources, this film would be of Indian version of “Robin Hood” type of movies. This movie is produced bilingual and in Telugu they titled as “Mallanna”. Kanthasamy directed by Susi Ganesan and produced by Kalaipuli Dhanu. The crew had spent nearly Rs 15,000 for every single invitation for the official launch of the movie. The electronic invitation made in china was the main attraction among the guests at the time of launch. Devi Sri Prasad compose music for the film and this film is a big one for Devi. The film would reach theaters on May. Director Susi planned to shoot the film in Kenya but due to local problems in Kenya the cast and crew went on to Mexico to suit major song sequences. The Mexican locations will be new to Tamil film fans. Indrajith, elder brother of Hero actor Prithviraj, playing the Villain role and it would be an added advantage to the film as Tamil fans seeing the same Villains for years.


2 Responses to “Vikram’s Kandasamy”

  1. not used to tamil movie

  2. impactor said

    I really cant infer what made the producer Kalaipuli S Dhanu waste all dat money on this “visual distravaganza”.. I believe had.. Shriya Saran been chucked out of the movie storyline and all those songs (more than an hour of them, i presume) removed except for one the Cheyaan with deliver boys sing-song.. this movie could have been improvised to an extent never seen before in Tamil cinema.. off course the cinematography is highly commendable.. but why all this put in a rightful social message??? I seriously feel it’s high time Tamil Cinema shud get over this masala cacoethes, and focus on improving all aspects of the film,.. the mos important of which, i have found to be the script and editing.. i know for a fact that most of the talkies in town are overbooked, but isnt this torture for the tamil ‘makkal’ especially shriya in all those horrendous, loathful song sequences and attire. I had Vikram in high regard, even before Anniyan.. and cant really comprehend at least, why he couldnt put an end to the masala overdose and stick to the core point of the film.. Tamil makkal.. get over this masala-lusting nature and ask for what is more reasonably visually appealing for your 2-3 hrs of dat money.

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