Direct TV

Posted by ANAND on March 23, 2009

Hello are you?hope you people are having a great time.Holidays have come well,i am enjoying my holidays just by sitting in front of the TV.Friends i love watching television,i hope most of them love watching television shows.But i am not happy with my cable.So i searched for any Direct TV.
i searched more than 50 sites for finding a Direct TV.At last my long search on finding a Direct TV came to an end on seeing a site called .Well i found many DirecTV Offers which is unbelievable.First they will tell what is the difference between a cable and a DIRECTTV.They are having more valid points on choosing the Direct TV.And the best part is that you can save upto 559 dollars.This is most awesome part of their product.High definition channel is the DirecTV Specials.They are also ready to clarify all your doubts,so friends feel free and call 888-409-4351.I think you can also kill your time by using their DIRECT TV.So friends what you are waiting for?..Just grab your product.Bye.


2 Responses to “Direct TV”

  1. haslina said

    happy holiday…

  2. Dan J said

    Direct TV is a ripoff. I recently moved to a rental property where the landlord does not allow a satellite dish to be installed on the roof-top.The installers came out to the address and stated that that was the only place it could be installed, so we had to cancel the account due to the landlords rules. I talked with customer service, who in short told me that I would be charged a cancellation fee of up to $300.I told them that because the landlord will not allow the installation on the roof, and that this is out of my hands. The customer representative told me that they would still charge me a cancellation fee. I argued with the representative to no end, and nothing was solved. I found that after I shipped their satellite boxes back, they deducted $283.00from my bank account without my permission. This company does not believe in treating a customer with respect, but only believes in taking your money. It is my option that you should not do business with a company like this. Don’t get caught in their trap. As far as my rating goes, if there were a -20 stars I would rate them that way.

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