7aum Arivu Flop

Posted by ANAND on October 31, 2011

This time color dresses didn’t helped surya much.People got bored to see his six pack abs..All the show off came to an end because of the flop of 7AUM ARIVU.Atleast he will now come to know he has to do something better.The HERO IN 7aum arivu is not surya, it is a chinese guy.he is a good one….LOL


2 Responses to “7aum Arivu Flop”

  1. Nova Decee said

    Totally agree with you. Its better for Murugadass to stick to remaking hollywood movies! He did a great job with Gajini.

  2. E3S said

    shut up n down. What u know about this film n this actor? Hmm?! If u have pc or mob, u write anything in ur mind? Hav u seen this movie in one segment? Do u understand what directer express his best? Hav u ever seen like this film? More over do u hav any idea who can capable person compare to SURIYA to do this? al the half minds r ready to act as typical masala, but who is ready for such a challenging roll? The actor means sivagi,kamal,vikram,SURIYA N RAJINI.all others r just heros as think before post anything otherwise fuckoff ur asshole

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