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At least this time?

Posted by ANAND on March 13, 2010

Lots of Happenings these months,I think around 3 to 4 months i was busy with my work.Now only i got my precious time to share and express my Experiences that i had these weeks.This time i was genuinely pressed for time.I don’t know what should i call these months ,a happier one or a sad one?.I am confused.Anyways i was totally involved with what ever i did these days.These recent weeks My career has some ups and I am also planning to make in a better way.Some of the unexpected calls which made me so happier too.I am also waiting for a good News from them.I feel this month is a better one when compared to others,if the next call from them brings me a good News.And Last month my MBA exams got over and now I am eagerly waiting for my Result.And this June my M.E. classes will get started and i am getting ready for that too.
What ever i do it is only dedicated to one person …… i don’t want to mention name of the person now.Let that be a secret,i will tell you when everything comes to my Hand.See you after some good news.Bye.


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One stop for all

Posted by ANAND on December 1, 2009

Hello how are You friends?,Hope you are having a great time in your city with your family.You know something my best friend’s Birthday is going to come Next week.So i am really confused about that matter.Well My Friend is a computer pro.So one of My friend suggested me to Give her a laptop.yes i also felt getting a latest laptop is Best.But some of my other friends asked me to Buy a digital cameras for Her.First i was really confused from this two which i have to select for Her.But Later i felt rather than buying a digital cameras a laptop will help her in many ways.Well Now she is using a personal computer with an older configuration.And i also getting a laptop is best in all the ways.Like she can use that where she want to.That’s the main Advantage of laptops.So i made my point very clear in Buying a laptop not a digital cameras.After this i started searching a good site where i can get a cheap laptops.I think i searched more than 2 hours.My search stopped only after seeing a website which was more interesting when compared to other sites.The site gave me Full details about the cheap laptops.They have all the Branded laptops Like Acer Aspire 1 A150B,Toshiba Satellite Pro L300-1AD – C 575 2 GHz – 15.4 Inch Toshiba Satellite Pro.The best part is that you can make your price comparison with other websites.That will finally say that this is a better and best in Buying a branded as well as a cheap laptop.So you also do visit the site and make your own laptops in cheaper Prices.

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Fashion Trends

Posted by ANAND on November 26, 2009

Art, Clothing, and FASHION; when talking about fashion it is hard not to discuss clothing; and when speaking about clothes, it is hard to omit the influence of art. Thus, these three words go hand in hand to give meaning to each other. Art, clothing, and FASHION influence each other and provide basis for us to understand each one.

Just Click the Image for Latest Fashion Tips

I found a website which is very interesting and very useful to me and this website is all about fashion and the site is Named as FASHION EVOLUTION and the url is .This site which gives the full information about the LATEST FASHION which prevails in the market.As you can search from A to Z for a the Latest Version.This site which is an AWESOME ONE IS GIVING THE details about the upcoming cloths and i found this site is also giving all kinds of Tips from various FASHION EXPERTS.Frankly speaking this site gave me a new look over fashion.Thanks to those Experts who Helped me for my New Looks.

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Vettaikaran Stills

Posted by ANAND on November 1, 2009


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My New World AGS Infotech

Posted by ANAND on April 12, 2009


Hello friends you know something i got placed in a reputed company called AGS Infotech.I am really happy to be a part of AGS group.AGS  group was established in 1992 by Mr. Ravi Goyal with marketing of Computer Aided Textile Designing Systems from Computer Design Inc., USA and soon it became the market leader starting with CDA system in India. Over the years, AGS has developed and expertise in several core solution like IT Automation for Color, Textile, Banking, Retail and Petroleum industries.

AGS group consists of 6 companies namely: Advanced Graphic Systems, AGS Infotech, Filion Technologies India, AGS Sundyne Technologies, India Transact Services & Instrument Research Associates. AGS has representations in India across 80 locations through its service hubs, regional offices and a manufacturing unit in Daman, Gujarat. The current turnover of the AGS group is Rs. 300 crores with employee strength of 600.

AGS Infotech:
AGS Infotech was established in 2003 as a principal distributor for Wincor Nixdorf International GmbH and Postec. The company offers technology- based solutions for the banking, petroleum, postal and retail sectors. The manufacturing of Automatic & Manual dispensers under the license of Fast & Fluid Management was also brought under AGS Infotech.

Friends this is my companies PROFILE ,do you liked it?.And you know one thing? i am going to sign up a BOND for 2 years.I personally feel AGS is on their unique way…. 😀

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Sell Structured Settlement

Posted by ANAND on February 28, 2009

Money is needed for everyone for everything,without money in our hands no one can’t survive in this world,even God should have money to survive in this world difficult world.Like wise everyone is having some problem in their life.Majority of people in this world need a instant help,for that a new method and a easy way of getting money is of sell structured settlement.
I have heard about this method But i was not aware of the sell structured settlement.So i went on search for a good buyers.I searched more than two hours friends.At last finally i came across a site called found that they are selling our deferred payments including Annuities, Lotteries,Structured Settlements, and lots more.I compared them with other sites too,But what i feel personally is that they are best in their work and customer care.The best thing is that they give solutions to our financial problems as soon as possible.This Team help you to sell structured settlement payments and help you to get rid of from the financial problem.Friends you can also catch them via using their toll free number (877) 836-4661 to get a free, no obligation initial evaluation and they are also having a email id to contact them.So feel free to contact them.

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One Stop For Clean Face

Posted by ANAND on February 26, 2009

Now a days every generation has their own style.Every one wants to looks beautiful.Most important thing is that every one wants to make their face smooth and clear.It is just a normal wish that every one has.But God has not gifted every one a acne free face,most of the teenagers problem nowadays is Acne.When we see it outerly this seem to be a normal problem but when we talk about the Real result means their is much too speak about this Acne.Due to this Acne problem most of them loses their confidence level.So i went on search for many sites for finding out the solution for Acne.At last finally my long search came to an end after viewing a site called The most important thing about this site is that they are giving free suggestions to all kinds of skin to use the acne wash.The Acne wash products that are present here are different from one another.The site Aim is to Research the Acne wash products by scientific method and collecting consumer reviews.The next thing is that they compare  prices and Effectiveness with other products.And finally they Recommend the right Acne wash to the customers.So what i feel is that, friends if you are searching for a Acne wash means then you can enter this site and pick your right Acne wash without doubt.

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Billa made for Ajith

Posted by ANAND on February 6, 2009


It is not difficult to catch the ‘coooool’ness of Billa in brief… it is impossible!

Yes, Vishnu Vardhan’s Billa, proved that it is not just another remake of an old cult film, but magical and a visual treat with its own style and individuality.

Vishnu’s style-mantra project starts with a bang and ends in an explosion, that’s how punch-packed it is. “Part tribute, part original, all slick” is a good description of this movie in which everyone (not just the hero!) looks and sounds simply smashing, with their clipped dialogues, power-dressing and loads of attitude. Plus, Vishnu has ensured that the movie stays within the 2 hour-15 minute time frame, a proof of the tight script and screenplay.

Does Billa actually need a story introduction? Proving wrong all the noise that Vishnu’s Billa is exactly like Shah Rukh Khan’s Don, the movie is INDEED like the Rajinikanth “original”… but with twists and a look and feel completely unique and probably the starkest ever made in Tamil cinema. Quite unlike SRK’s Don, the colours in Billa are not rich and opulent – they are clean, suppressed, contemporary, even Zen at times. There is a lot of black, brown and olive hues, set in contrast to great swathes of white and cream. In such starkness, Ajith as Billa, comes forth larger than life and more stylish than any movie he has done in a long time.

Speaking of Ajith, he is quite clearly the very centre of the movie; or as our December issue of Galatta Cinema magazine shows, he is the eye of the storm that tosses you about for 2+ hours. He looks handsome, hot and very much a “Thala”. While SRK had a metrosexual, clean-shaven look, Ajith sports a devil-may-care and raw-edged stubble that only adds to the masculinity. Plus, his personality is dark, cold and silent as Billa; in complete contrast to the cheeky Velu.

With Billa, the female is as deadly, if not deadlier, than the male. Namitha plays CJ, the gangster’s moll, but with a toughness and shrewdness worthy of any top boss. She is sexy, unabashed, fearless and perhaps even as ruthless as Billa himself. And she loves him to death. Literally.

Nayantara is the one out to tame the beast, consumed by the need for revenge. She is an electric mix of sexy and tough, beauty and fighting skill.

Prabhu is inimitably Prabhu. His authority and intelligence reminds one of Gautam Vishwanath of Mani Ratnam’s Agninakshatram. Rahman plays the Interpol officer with some deadly tricks up his sleeve and Rose Dawn plays the woman who quite possibly, has put all these people together.

David Billa (Ajith). Most-wanted gangster, hiding and operating out of Malaysia, on the top of Interpol’s criminal list. A lone tiger he is, and a ruthless one at that. As he says, “Look at history. If you want to live, to survive, you can kill any number of people, for any reason.” This is Billa – scheming, clever, slippery, enigmatic and dangerous. No one knows his story, really, except that he literally clawed his way to where he is now, from an orphaned and deprived childhood to the top of the food chain. Along the way, he bent and broke every rule for not just survival, but for money, power and love of the game.

DSP Jayprakash (Prabhu) has spent a huge chunk of the last few years looking for the elusive Billa. He has left a life behind in India, only to base himself in Malaysia and strategise the capture of the man who has 50 high-profile crime cases slapped against him. As luck would have it, his path does cross Billa’s and from then on, it’s a rollercoaster ride. What happens to Billa? Who is Velu? How does Jayprakash use him to round up Billa’s operations? DOES he actually close Billa’s shop for good? How

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Direct Sat TV

Posted by ANAND on February 4, 2009

Hello people,how are you?how is life?I am here to share my experience about a Website that i came through recently.The website that i saw was quite interesting ,Well that deals with the online satellite connections for your Television.Wat i feel is? this is the new Gift of  science.

By using this Directtv method we can see good quality pictures in a low price.They have lots of reason why we have to change from cable to Directv.Well they have various kinds of membership for different kinds of people needs.The most important thing is customer satisfaction.While signing up itself they used to provide lots of Bonuses.The important thing Direct tv is that you will take only 15 minutes to quote.And While Signing up for Auto Bill Pay you will receive an additional $5 off per month.

They will give you an Exclusive special offer if you order by phone..Friend’s i hope you people also got the necessary information from this Website.And I think you will also get benefited by using this site.So Don’t miss your chance..Bye.

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Posted by ANAND on February 4, 2009

Poker games are one of the Best game to earn money and to pass our time.I have see many of my friend’s playing online poker games,this made an impact over poker games on me.So i searched many sites for the online poker games,but all the sites were less informative.At last finally ,I came across a site which was really mind blowing.

The poker game player’s account that are present here are very safe and secured.The most important thing that a poker online player must watch is trust worth and security,here that is 100 percent guaranteed.The awesome part of this poker site is their PokerStars Marketing Code. They are unique in their own way.By using their poker stars marketing code “flopturnriver”and we will receive an exclusive 100% deposit bonus, up to $50!Not only that friend’s they have introduced an attractive Poker Stars Bonus Code “stars50” for the new sign up too.Before entering into the game they also provide you free strategy methods to win the game in an easier manner.

After viewing this site my long run on search for playing Poker games online came to an end .And friend’s i hope you people also got the necessary information from this site.So what you are waiting for?…Let’s get it started.

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