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At least this time?

Posted by ANAND on March 13, 2010

Lots of Happenings these months,I think around 3 to 4 months i was busy with my work.Now only i got my precious time to share and express my Experiences that i had these weeks.This time i was genuinely pressed for time.I don’t know what should i call these months ,a happier one or a sad one?.I am confused.Anyways i was totally involved with what ever i did these days.These recent weeks My career has some ups and I am also planning to make in a better way.Some of the unexpected calls which made me so happier too.I am also waiting for a good News from them.I feel this month is a better one when compared to others,if the next call from them brings me a good News.And Last month my MBA exams got over and now I am eagerly waiting for my Result.And this June my M.E. classes will get started and i am getting ready for that too.
What ever i do it is only dedicated to one person …… i don’t want to mention name of the person now.Let that be a secret,i will tell you when everything comes to my Hand.See you after some good news.Bye.


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Fashion Trends

Posted by ANAND on November 26, 2009

Art, Clothing, and FASHION; when talking about fashion it is hard not to discuss clothing; and when speaking about clothes, it is hard to omit the influence of art. Thus, these three words go hand in hand to give meaning to each other. Art, clothing, and FASHION influence each other and provide basis for us to understand each one.

Just Click the Image for Latest Fashion Tips

I found a website which is very interesting and very useful to me and this website is all about fashion and the site is Named as FASHION EVOLUTION and the url is .This site which gives the full information about the LATEST FASHION which prevails in the market.As you can search from A to Z for a the Latest Version.This site which is an AWESOME ONE IS GIVING THE details about the upcoming cloths and i found this site is also giving all kinds of Tips from various FASHION EXPERTS.Frankly speaking this site gave me a new look over fashion.Thanks to those Experts who Helped me for my New Looks.

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The Beast is Back

Posted by ANAND on October 31, 2009

back to form

Due to the Recent updates i have got a good PR for some of my Blogs.So i think i cant do something with that.So why should i wait for that.Let me start the Blogging and use my Website.

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My New World AGS Infotech

Posted by ANAND on April 12, 2009


Hello friends you know something i got placed in a reputed company called AGS Infotech.I am really happy to be a part of AGS group.AGS  group was established in 1992 by Mr. Ravi Goyal with marketing of Computer Aided Textile Designing Systems from Computer Design Inc., USA and soon it became the market leader starting with CDA system in India. Over the years, AGS has developed and expertise in several core solution like IT Automation for Color, Textile, Banking, Retail and Petroleum industries.

AGS group consists of 6 companies namely: Advanced Graphic Systems, AGS Infotech, Filion Technologies India, AGS Sundyne Technologies, India Transact Services & Instrument Research Associates. AGS has representations in India across 80 locations through its service hubs, regional offices and a manufacturing unit in Daman, Gujarat. The current turnover of the AGS group is Rs. 300 crores with employee strength of 600.

AGS Infotech:
AGS Infotech was established in 2003 as a principal distributor for Wincor Nixdorf International GmbH and Postec. The company offers technology- based solutions for the banking, petroleum, postal and retail sectors. The manufacturing of Automatic & Manual dispensers under the license of Fast & Fluid Management was also brought under AGS Infotech.

Friends this is my companies PROFILE ,do you liked it?.And you know one thing? i am going to sign up a BOND for 2 years.I personally feel AGS is on their unique way…. 😀

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Bloggers Get-Together

Posted by ANAND on March 19, 2009

Hoyeah friends…..I was Really really busy with my work.Just now only i had a chance to meet you people with a smile loaded in my face.I hope you will forgive me for not having touch with you these days.I know that ,mistake is from my side.I hope you will FORGIVE me and give me one more chance to make YOU as MY friend.I should thank all the people who showed their patience on waiting for me.

My Blog Friends are listed below:-

Aliecgee,Babytetel’s blog,Badet,Bridge,CikMani,Crazybeautiful88,D,Dgores,Diana,emilia azman,Eplagreen,Eunice,ExScientiaLux,Ezzati,Faye,Francesca,
Gowtham,HANA bUdaK cEkElAt,Hana-Ni-Mo-Nai2,Hanis Zalikha,Hari,harismibrahim,Haslina,hOOdedLicIOUS,,
Iela_morry,Ijal,Jard,Jazlin Ernida,Jhoice,Kehidupan,Kikey Loo,
Kopikawkaw,Linkin,Luth Textile, Miellza, Monica, Myjaehee, Mys Lyke Meeh, Mysha, Nadine, Neddy,Niger1437,Nurmala,one other.., Opaq,
Pinay,Pinay mommy,princessredbloodsnow,Queen Wiza,Rachel,raTu saLju,Rjjrdq,Rosilie,rynn2506,Siti Khathija,Sweetytots,The Spiral Eyes,Tkuk, wygyzy,Zara,[S]itie [B]Um [B]Um,{girl}forallstatus
~dARlee zURiS~

I would have missed some of the name ,Please don’t mind it friends.And in my point of view each one of them have their own IDEA and ATTITUDE.I love them,they…ugh……No words!!.In my first request itself they have added me,this itself will say how cute and lovely people they are.If i start talk about each person means Really really it will take a week to finish.I love you  guys forever.I feel this as a Get together 😆 .

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Salman Khan-The Macho Man

Posted by ANAND on February 6, 2009


The name Salman Khan sparks several images: his reluctance to wear shirts, his sculpted chest, his frequent run-ins with the law, his gorgeous ex-girlfriends, his good looks (voted by People magazine in 2004 as the 7th most good looking man in the world and the first in India) and his unquestionable status as one of three reigning Khans of Bollywood.
Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan was born on 27th December 1965 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh to Salma Khan and Salim Khan, a screenwriter who has to his credit several successful films like Sholay, Deewar and Don. His step-mother is Helen, an actress and dancer famous for her blonde wigs and shimmies. He has two brothers Arbaaz and Sahil, who have also worked in Bollywood and two sisters Alvira and Arpita. His sister Alvira is married to Atul Agnihotri who was an actor before taking on the role of a director.
Salman has dated some of the prettiest faces of Bollywood like Somy Ali, Sangeeta Bijlani and Aishwarya Rai. His current partner is Katrina Kaif.

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Start with a flower on Valentine’s Day

Posted by ANAND on February 4, 2009


Valentine’s Day with all its charisma and magnetism brings love in the air, scarlet color of roses painting the town with the vibrancy of love and romance make every heart eager to say it loud, ‘I Love You’ coz’…it’s the Valentine’s Day. This is a perfect occasion that marks the sharing of numerous symbols of loves as Valentine gifts among the lovers. Most of  them come with myriad expressions of love with romantic proposals, dating tips, Valentine gifts, love letters, love poems, relationship guide, love coupons, love horoscope, valentine history and many more.well i feel the your romantic proposals and Your gift will choose your destiny as a successful valentine or not?…So friends be careful in handling your Valentine.hehehe….Bye.And happy Valentine’s Day too.

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Love’s Result

Posted by ANAND on February 4, 2009

Minutes crash by
Hours rush on
Before I knew it the day was gone

Time will not damage
Time will never maim
My love for you still remains the same

Hold me in your arms
Take me away
Every inch of love I shall put on display

Feelings conveyed
Actions shown
Portraying that my heart is for you alone

How long more
Shall we be apart
Coz’ every single minute is piercing my heart

I hear your voice
I see your face
Won’t you just hug me with your warm embrace

Mysterious answers
Revealing my fate
All I can do is sit and wait

But with each trial
I’ll endure the pain
Because my love for you will shine again

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Shop Online

Posted by ANAND on February 4, 2009

Every generation has their own style,like wise the present generation is also having a style which is different from the previous generation.In olden days and all shopping is a big problem,well people have to go to the shop itself and purchase the products.Due to this more wastage of time is seen.But now everything has changed we can buy the products from sitting in our home itself.I also feel that shopping online is the best way and worth way to consume our time.

I have searched many sites for online shopping,but all the sites were less informative.At last finally ,I came across a site called which was very much useful for me.The cost of the purchases of products are very less when compared to others.This was the site which i was expecting for,they are having amazing discounts on every purchase.

The best part now is that they are having a Clearance sale going on now,with unbelievable prices.And in their site you can see all the products from A to Z like Clothing,Electronics,Homeware products with reliable prices.Friend’s i hope you people also got the necessary information from this site.And I think you will also get benefited by using this site.So what you are waiting for ?…Lets get it started…

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Sorry Friends

Posted by ANAND on February 2, 2009

For anyone that has been a regular reader I do apologize for the lack of material being posted. I have been busy living my life and watching the fabric of the changes thats happening in my life. I will post again soon.Don’t worry friend’s i am always here for you.Bye …:lol:

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