anand-hit-man3Hi,i am Anand.I love to add new ideas in every aspect.My interest is goes on almost everything. Send me an email if you want to know me better or if you have a question. Alternatively, you could also contact me through Instant Messengers:


25 Responses to “WANNA KNOW ABOUT ME”

  1. Tita Beng said

    Hi Anand! Thanks for your visit. I have done your request on my post.Have a wonderful week ahead!

  2. Jard said

    ello… thanks for dropping by my blog.. I’ll be adding ur link.. hehehe…

  3. luthtextile said

    hello anand..
    i’ll link ur blog ASAP..
    thnks visit my blog

  4. nadine said

    hai anand….
    u can know more about me if you read my ealiest postings in my blog,somewhere in jun of july.all the earliest posting is about my life from kids till now and you can also email me at the same email add if you want to know more….take care.

    all the sweet and bitter memories of my life…

  5. putra bertam said

    Hello anand.
    Can you do me a favour, i visited in India in 1995 so i had been to salem and visit the dam and the hill station. Can you post a some pic about the town and the hill station. i do miss India specially the Autos, taxi and long journey train from Delhi to salem juction railway station. I only can recall one place call pensioner road at salem. One of the street in salem are specialist in silver. Not to forget salem a famous with its juicy manggo. I always keep in touch with Dehli tru Blog Dehli Wallas. Bye and takecare.

  6. ANAND said

    hmm..ok i ll write abt salem within few days.

  7. m!ss_yaNa said

    hi anand..
    thanks for visit my blog..
    nice blog..!!! 🙂
    i also done add your link in my bloglist..
    keep in touch my friend..!!

    before i forget..
    i use malay language when i write in my blog..
    i hope u don’t mind..

  8. putra bertam said

    anand, i sent u a video clip latest tamil song. pls enyoy the song.

  9. m!ss_yaNa said

    can u put shoutbox in your blog..??
    it is difficult for me and maybe other bloggers to say something in your blog..

  10. amibest said

    thanks for visiting my blog anand.. have a good day.

  11. thanks for linking me,
    i’ve linked you too,

  12. hi, anand…
    thanks 4 visiting my blog… hope u understand wut i done at my blog..
    thanks, friend…

  13. reine said

    hello.. visiting here.. have a nice day.. 🙂

  14. reine said

    heyya! im here again.. thanks for the comments.. 🙂 I’d linked you already.

    thanks again..

  15. Yanmie said

    hi anand..
    thanks for visiting my blog..
    i also done add your link in my Exchangelink..
    keep in touch my friend..!!

    before i forget..
    i use malay language when i write in my blog..
    i hope u don’t mind..and my name is Yanmie, not coklatstrawberry9…ehehe

  16. nuar said

    TQ ANAND 🙂

  17. syedsami said

    i like ur blog this is rajkumars friend addd my link in ur blog

  18. miss_yana said

    hye…long time not hear ’bout u..

  19. H!

  20. divya said

    its really super i really like it keep it up

  21. chindaba yitmwa said

    nice one. what do you have to offer me as a Nigerian who loves Indian very much. namasti

  22. Poojye said

    Hi. Are you Mongolian?

  23. Poojye said

    Aah you are indian

  24. ANAND said

    I am An Indian

  25. Grandma Always Said…

    It was my grandma who always said that I should read more blogs like this….

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