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At least this time?

Posted by ANAND on March 13, 2010

Lots of Happenings these months,I think around 3 to 4 months i was busy with my work.Now only i got my precious time to share and express my Experiences that i had these weeks.This time i was genuinely pressed for time.I don’t know what should i call these months ,a happier one or a sad one?.I am confused.Anyways i was totally involved with what ever i did these days.These recent weeks My career has some ups and I am also planning to make in a better way.Some of the unexpected calls which made me so happier too.I am also waiting for a good News from them.I feel this month is a better one when compared to others,if the next call from them brings me a good News.And Last month my MBA exams got over and now I am eagerly waiting for my Result.And this June my M.E. classes will get started and i am getting ready for that too.
What ever i do it is only dedicated to one person …… i don’t want to mention name of the person now.Let that be a secret,i will tell you when everything comes to my Hand.See you after some good news.Bye.


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Clear Wireless Internet for all

Posted by ANAND on November 26, 2009

Hello friends hope you are having a better Life.I found a new kind of internet providers which change the hard Life into an easy one.This is the best solution for people who are tired on slow internet connection.What i am now speaking about is a wireless connection.This clearwire is a best way for who needs an high speed connection any where in the city.CLEAR 4G WiMAX technology makes Life easier in many ways.This is one of the best way when compared other internet services Like Dial up.You know that i am working as a marketing agent,Well i have lot of commitments going to various places.In between that i have to send my customers issues to my manager Via mail.After seeing this site i found this CLEAR 4G WiMAX technology will help me to get out of the various problems that i have officially.Now after using this CLEAR 4G WiMAX service i made my life more easier and more comfortable than before.This new technology which saves time and the best part is that they are very cheap in price.So friends if you want to know more about this means Just call to their Toll Free Number 1-877-294-1584.I am sure that you people will also be benefited like me.

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New Digital Photo Frame

Posted by ANAND on November 23, 2009

Hello all?.I am really excited to see you Back.You Know one thing now i have planned to Buy a Digital Photo Frame.This is a easiest way to show & share digital images and digital pictures and in that you can see some interesting features like automatic slide shows, movie players and audio.First of all they are very easy to i searched many sites for a good Digital Photo Frame.After searching more than 50 sites,i found a site which was really useful on getting a Digital frame.The site is feel this is one of the best site for Buying a “digital photo frame 10”.And i found they are giving this exclusive makes for cheaper Prices.Well they are also giving a 12 months guarantee for their Products.You can see lots of Features in in a digital Frame Like Automatic Alarm,Slide show with Music.This “10 Digital Photo Frame” which i am going to buy comes with a 4:3 aspect ratio so that you can show your digital photo frames correctly without cropping or stretching.And This is having a standard 640×480 high resolution screen which is perfect to watch.I found this site seems to be a wholesaler to the retail trade.So i think you can also use this site and Make your life style in better way.

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Hughes Net for High Speed

Posted by ANAND on November 19, 2009

Hello Friends, Hope you are Having a good time in your Life.Science is very useful to us,its discoveries and inventions makes every one to Live in a comfortable way.When we talk about comfort ,the first thing that comes to my mind is Internet.Internet is a great source for all people.This Internet service which is useful to age from 6 to 60’s without doubt.You can know about this world from A to z Just by sitting in your chair,that much internet plays a vital role in day to day Life.Friends First i had a dial up service as my internet Provider.But i was not happy with that service.One of My friend insisted me to use hughesnet satellite which is having a high speed connection and i also found this one is secure and easy to install.This is Really very fast when compared to other services.This hughesnet satellite is 50 times more speeder than a dial up internet service.The one thing that made me to Amaze is that this service is super fast in both the windows and mac operating system.So friends if you expect High speed internet connection then i will suggest you to sign up for a Hughes net.1-866-952-2815 this is their contact Number and Feel free to contact them.

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Its Time For A Change

Posted by ANAND on November 17, 2009

Hello all ,How is your Life friends?.I think you people are having a great time.Friends You Know something my friend asked me to get him a domain.So,i Bought a domain for him in his name.But i was really confused with the web Hosting for that domain.So i searched many sites for a better and an effective hosting Provider.At last my search came to an end After searching more than 20 sites.Finally i came across Google Web Hosting site which is very good one  when compared to other sites.The best part of this site is they are is an independent web hosting site.I found More than 10 web Hosting Providers who provide unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space for less than 5 dollars Per month.You have lots of offers in each web hosting providers Like Hostmonster is a web hosting providers having a great customer care support ,Bluehost is Perfect for a professional website owners as this web hosting providers is giving you a Money Back guarantee.Like wise all the web hosting Providers are unique in their services.The best part is that it is possible in this hosts where other hosts fails in some aspects.So Friends What you are waiting for?,Lets get started and Enjoy the power of New Technologies in this world.

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3 Idiots Pictures

Posted by ANAND on November 17, 2009

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Email web Hosting

Posted by ANAND on November 14, 2009

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Post Date:14th Nov 2009

Internet is a great source for everyone to Learn and Earn.I feel For every online Profitable business maker needs an own name email address.Well One of My friend who started an online Business asked me for search an online email web hosting providers.This Kind of Emails which makes him better than other online business makers .I also feel a real email web hosting is better for running a better Business.It adds confidence to the business man who makes business.I found a site which doing hosting for email,which was very cheaper when compared to other sites.The Best part of that site is Unlimited Email storage.Not only that Friends you have lots of offers like unlimited Data Transfer and Unlimited Disk Space.The thing which made me to Amaze is that 24/7 Email Support by Phone and If you are not satisfied with the emails means they are also ready to give your Money Back.For this Email web Hosting the Price is affordable one.But i also went on searching many sites for best providers But at last i found this one is better when compared to other sites.So Friends if you are not happy with your usual emails means You please go for this and make you look different from others.

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Reduce Weight

Posted by ANAND on November 6, 2009

Hello how are you friends,Hope you are leading a happy Life.I am really to happy to see you back.I want to share my personla experience that i had in my fat reduction in my Body.I was involved in a fat reduction method called liposuction surgery.I am really happy to see my new figure after i went this surgery.I first searched some sites for easy way of reduction of fats.After a few minutes itself liposuction a new way of surgery for reduction in fat found.This surgery depends on the area size, the amount of fat removed.Before this surgery itself i found that site telling all the preparing things that i have to take care of myself.After reference of that site i asked many persons and consulted many doctors personally,all of them gave me one answer.This method of reduction of fat in body is best and better than other way of reduction.So i also went to this liposuction surgery and i too reduced most of weight in my expected parts.So friends i feel this surgery gave me an another life to my new looks.So friends i prefer you to Try this surgery if you are feeling that your body has excess weight.

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The Beast is Back

Posted by ANAND on October 31, 2009

back to form

Due to the Recent updates i have got a good PR for some of my Blogs.So i think i cant do something with that.So why should i wait for that.Let me start the Blogging and use my Website.

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Bloggers Get-Together

Posted by ANAND on March 19, 2009

Hoyeah friends…..I was Really really busy with my work.Just now only i had a chance to meet you people with a smile loaded in my face.I hope you will forgive me for not having touch with you these days.I know that ,mistake is from my side.I hope you will FORGIVE me and give me one more chance to make YOU as MY friend.I should thank all the people who showed their patience on waiting for me.

My Blog Friends are listed below:-

Aliecgee,Babytetel’s blog,Badet,Bridge,CikMani,Crazybeautiful88,D,Dgores,Diana,emilia azman,Eplagreen,Eunice,ExScientiaLux,Ezzati,Faye,Francesca,
Gowtham,HANA bUdaK cEkElAt,Hana-Ni-Mo-Nai2,Hanis Zalikha,Hari,harismibrahim,Haslina,hOOdedLicIOUS,,
Iela_morry,Ijal,Jard,Jazlin Ernida,Jhoice,Kehidupan,Kikey Loo,
Kopikawkaw,Linkin,Luth Textile, Miellza, Monica, Myjaehee, Mys Lyke Meeh, Mysha, Nadine, Neddy,Niger1437,Nurmala,one other.., Opaq,
Pinay,Pinay mommy,princessredbloodsnow,Queen Wiza,Rachel,raTu saLju,Rjjrdq,Rosilie,rynn2506,Siti Khathija,Sweetytots,The Spiral Eyes,Tkuk, wygyzy,Zara,[S]itie [B]Um [B]Um,{girl}forallstatus
~dARlee zURiS~

I would have missed some of the name ,Please don’t mind it friends.And in my point of view each one of them have their own IDEA and ATTITUDE.I love them,they…ugh……No words!!.In my first request itself they have added me,this itself will say how cute and lovely people they are.If i start talk about each person means Really really it will take a week to finish.I love you  guys forever.I feel this as a Get together 😆 .

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